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Jack Wills
Jack Wills has been representing the very best of quintessentially British casual style since the 1990's. Innovative and diverse, Jack Wills style is born from a love of all things British from their great history, sporting adventures and cultural stances. With a preppy look, the company first launched its clothes with the university students of this country in mind, and still represents them today, only now, the style is suited to all. With well over 80 stores worldwide now, that British style is travelling leaps and bounds across oceans to Japan, America and beyond.

About Jack Wills

Jack Wills is a British clothing brand headquartered in London after establishing itself in Salcombe, Devon. Peter Williams and Robert Shaw founded the brand in 1999. Williams was 23 when the first store opened at 22 Fore Street, Salcombe and it was created with £40,000 - The founders slept above the shop. The brand was named after one of the co-founders' grandparents. Originally, it was heavily marketed towards university students, using the slogan and trademark 'University Outfitters' to reflect the inspiration behind the brand. The 'University Outfitters' slogan has slowly been replaced with the more favoured slogan 'Fabulously British'. Jack Wills are committed to the ethical trading and sourcing of products. Working with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe, to bring you only the best quality clothing, Jack Wills has been a dedicated member of the Ethical Trading Initiative since 2010. This shop offers unique items for any young lad or lass looking to find their individuality. When last season has expired, Jack Wills has new styles on the way!

Jack Wills
Jack Wills puts you in touch with the current fashions of young, hip fashionistas, adding a twist of nostalgia that creates their fabulously British iconography. Their clothing range covers all seasons so you can wrap up warm in cosy knitwear through the colder months and enjoy their light summer wear including polo shirts and shorts when the sun comes out. So what are you waiting for? Deck out your wardrobe with the best of British today!

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